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What is Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

Movement as Medicine!


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Developed by Gary Ward, AiM is a biomechanics philosophy that allows the body to heal itself through movement. The beauty of AiM is that the exercises are based around movements we make when we walk. AiM is a powerful assessment and correction tool based on gait analysis and foot function. Joints in the body do not function in isolation, but rather in a complex choreography which depends on balance, symmetry, and timing. When those elements are lost, it can lead to pain anywhere in the body. A comprehensive global approach to pain resolution means not only assessing that painful shoulder, but ensuring that the shoulder is functioning appropriately within the context of larger movement patterns so that you do not begin feeding dysfunction back into it the moment you walk out the door. 

Who Is AiM For?

AiM is most appropriate for anyone who values comfortable, efficient movement or is experiencing pain from an injury or structural asymmetry. AiM is effective for but not limited to the following:

  • anyone suffering from ongoing pain or a reoccurring injury

  • those healing from an injury and notice they are moving differently through the healing process

  • an athlete who is interested in performing better

  • an aging adult who is interested in continuing to move well and prevent falls

  • a younger mover who would like to continue moving well into their adult years

  • anyone who has ever had a foot injury

2 AiM Programs


Moving Well Foundations Program - Online

Take control of your pain today. This program is designed for the motivated individual who is tired of feeling less than optimal and wants to do something about it. This program has 2 Phases. 

What Can I Expect?

PHASE 1 - $100

One Hour + 2 half hour video meetings with Angie, daily movement work,

  • The first session I guide you through a set of movements designed to bring mobility back into each joint in your body. This makes clear what areas are giving you problems and will help direct how you work with AiM over the next few weeks/months.

  • You take a few days to practice these movements on your own. I call this a self-exploration journey that only you can do.

  • We schedule an Office Hour appointment (30 minutes) where we go over your experience, and address any questions you have. 

  • You take a few more days to work with the movements. 

  • We schedule a second Office Hour appointment (30 minutes) to discuss what you find and where to go from here. If you decide to continue working with me then we move on to the Moving Well PHASE 2..


PHASE 2 Introducing AiM Wedges! - starts at $120 (includes shipping in the USA)

One Hour + 2 half hour video meetings with Angie, gait video analysis, daily movement work, 

all additional Office Hour meetings $25 each

  • You will send me a video of you walking and I will analyse it before our one hour session.

  • I will send you a set of wedges and we will incorporate them into your movement practice. These wedges are designed to encourage your feet to gain joint alignment based on the pronation and supination shape.

  • You will take a few days to practice these new movements. 

  • We schedule an Office Hour appointment  where we go over your experience and address any questions you have. We may adjust wedge positions or movement patterns at this time.

  • You take a few more days to work with the movements. 

  • We schedule a second Office Hour appointment to discuss what you are finding and next steps. Next Steps will likely look like continuing this process and tweaking wedge positions and movement patterns each time we meet. 





In Person Clinic - Fayetteville and Charleston, West Virginia

In person allows us to go deeper into your movement competency. I conduct a full assessment and design a treatment plan. During our sessions I can watch you move and give you detailed instruction, assistance and feedback. 

What Can I Expect?

One hour sessions - $90 for initial assessment and analysis, $70 for each follow up session. 

Fayetteville Prices may differ. Inquire upon scheduling.

  • Your initial appointment with me will be a full assessment of your body structure, foot function, and movement . I will watch you walk and ask you to perform certain movements that will provide me with a complete picture of your movement competency.

  • I will create a treatment plan for you and share it with you via Google Drive. All session notes and homework will be available to you.

  • The treatment will take place in the follow-up appointments and will focus on reintroducing movements that your body does not currently access well. I do this through AiM specific exercises based on the gait cycle, general exercises or stretches, and the use of the AiM wedges to encourage your feet to pronate and supinate appropriately.

  • At each session you will receive homework so you can continue to explore your movement between sessions.




Change can happen quickly or it can take time, but change happens. 


  • "I am seeing improvements from the foot dealio. By concentrating on how my right foot lands and rolls, I am using different muscles in my legs, hip and back. I am actually sore (and have had cramps) in my legs and hip/lower back which is good - I am strengthening areas I haven't been using for years. I took a walk/jog yesterday and concentrated on foot/toes placement. Keep it up!"   - Chris

  • "... I am so happy that you consider the whole being and not focus on one element, be it exercise or whatever. A real breakthrough for me is how you are teaching me to focus on breathing, correct body movements, and cognitive elements. ..."    - Jeff