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Pole Parties

Celebrating something? Book a Pole Party at Activated Body! Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, girls night out, or just because. Here is everything you need to know about what we offer when it comes to parties:

To Schedule: contact us at


Who: anyone 18 or older, maximum 8 people recommended.  With 8 people you will take turns sharing a pole with one other person. There is no weight limit to our poles. Please contact us directly at to ask about children’s parties.


Where: The Activated Body Studio, 217 Main Street West, Oak Hill, WV 25901


How Much: $200 for a 1.5 hour party. $50 for each additional half hour you’d like to book. 


What You Get: The first hour will be a pole class with a guided warm-up, instruction of pole moves, and short choreography to put to music. After the first hour we will have time for food and drinks* and a pole photo-booth session. 

*You must provide your own food and drinks. No alcohol is permitted.


Once you book a party with us you will get a detailed email about what to expect, wear, bring, etc., and we will also ask you about your preferred style of music and dancing. It can be sexy, sporty, or anything in between! Pole dancing is a fun way to connect with your body, have fun with your friends, and express yourself. Next time you are celebrating something, consider booking a Pole Party with us!


Bachelorette Party

Who needs to hire a stripper when you can learn to be the show! Celebrate your marriage with a girls night learning to pole dance. We can provide you a sexy, sporty, or combination class.


Girls Night Out

Our instructors know how to show you a good time learning to pole dance while spending time with your girls. 

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