Step into the body you want to be in. 



Rise above your self doubt and negative self talk.



Do You the way you want to - pain free and full of the vigor you used to have.



Freedom. Nothing holds you back.



Unapologetically choose you.




Be a part of the Activated Body community and feel the energy flow through you. 

You will feel the personalized attention from our highly trained instructors whether you are taking a private or a group fitness class. It is our mission to bring you more joy in your life through improving your movement quality so you can increase your movement quantity. We meet you where you are at. Together we grow and activate our true movement potential.



​Angelina Corwin - Owner

  • Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor (NCPT)

  • Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR)

  • Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES)


Angie Corwin has been a mover her whole life - often called the “perpetual arm and leg machine” by her family. In 2008, Angie took up long distance running and within two years was forced to quit due to an injury in her sacroiliac joint. This led her to find Pilates and discover that imbalances in her body likely caused the injury. Through the balanced muscle development and body awareness that Pilates provides, Angie began to excel in rock climbing, achieve better posture and move with more ease than ever before. 


Now Angie is on the journey to help others find more joy in their lives through functional, efficient, and pain free movement. “I never want to stop rock climbing and tromping through nature because it gives me more than exercise - it is my meditation, my church, my soul food. I want to help others continue to move well so nothing holds them back.”


Joy Marr

Pilates Instructor 

  • 450 Hour Pilates Teacher Training

Serial entrepreneur and business owner, runner, adventure racer, park ranger, river guide, and ski patroller - you could say Joy has spent the majority of her life in the outdoors moving.  

Joy was an early adopter of practicing Yoga-as resident brought that art form back from time spent in Indonesia, teaching the rag tag bunch of locals looking for something new to “get into” for the winter and continues practicing a variety of yoga modalities, still today.  Joy got a taste of Pilates many years ago, as introduced through a newly arrived resident spreading the word about the benefits of Pilates; mobility, stability and improved balance.  Explaining the idea of using our bodies as a tool to get strong and build balance was a simple and accessible for all kinds of bodies.

Joy met Angie through mutual friends, and after hearing what she offered in her studio came to be a client of both Anatomy in Motion and Pilates. A snowboarding accident left Joy with a need to retrain her gait mechanics and improve balance. Not long after those early sessions, Joy enrolled in the 450 hour Pilates Teacher Training offered by Angie at Activated Body.  When asked about her participation in Pilates, Joy states, “The journey has been rich, challenging, and the concentration on how we move vs. just building muscle, truly enlightening.  Anatomy in Motion is something every body type, regardless of skill level can benefit from”.  Joy is teaching weekly classes and is happy to help new and experienced movers learn, benefit and enjoy movement through the practice of Pilates.

Nicole Headshot.jpeg

Nicole Evans

Pilates Instructor 

  • 320 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • 450 Hour Pilates Teacher Training

Nicole discovered her love of movement at a young age, while living in Colorado. She would spend hours outside, soaking up the sun (or the snow); hiking, swimming, exploring and climbing giant pine trees. This love of movement and the outdoors grew, as she grew, and she eventually found her way to a dedicated practice of yoga and meditation. The mind-body connection she experienced transformed her movement practice and deepened her connection to herself and the world around her. She found her movement learning journey to be profound and she wanted to share it with the world.


In 2020, Nicole moved to West Virginia with her partner and their young pup. At this juncture, Nicole’s curiosity about movement had increased tremendously and she was in search of a teacher who was offering something different and more precise. She was seeking additional education in anatomy and biomechanics; in order to understand how the body works on a deeper, more technical level and to truly understand why an exercise/pose was beneficial. Nicole completed her Pilates Teacher Training with Angie and is currently teaching at the Activated Body Studio in Oak Hill, WV.


Nicole provides a positive space for every body to feel supported on their movement journey. Join Nicole for a mindful movement practice, focusing on breath, concentration, control, centering, precision, balanced muscle development, rhythm/flow, whole body movement and relaxation.


Junelia Larson

Yoga Instructor 

Hi! My name is Junelia Larson. I was born on the Island of Bohol the Philippines and grew up on a beautiful 80-acre farm in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. I have been living in Fayetteville for 4 years now with my partner Clinton and our 3 dogs.


My yoga journey started eleven years ago.  I was seeking a practice for my spiritual well being and looking for something physical to challenge myself. I have learned from numerous teachers the practice of traditional yoga and of western yoga.  After completing the Ashaya Yoga 200hr teacher training In 2019 with Randy Boyd, I wanted to honor yoga and my roots by continuing my spiritual practice off the mat.  Meanwhile, I continued to practice and learn from a variety of movement teachers and educators.  I’m currently working on getting my Human Movement Specialist certificate. I am also looking forward to my latest adventure in understanding movement as I begin 200hr Mat Training with Angelina this year.  


Malaya (Free) Flow 

Malaya Flow is moving, playing, learning and exploring Yoga asanas (poses). 

Using movement to help increase range of motion in our joints. Incorporating strength exercises to create stability in our movements and sustain our modern way of life. Learning different ways to stretch to increase flexibility. Learn to calm our minds and body with breathing techniques and understanding our nervous system.


Sarah Abrams

Yoga Instructor


Rhea Mitchell

Yoga Instructor

I spent many years wandering and trying to make the most of life, but constantly ran into road-blocks. I realized that even though I was raised with good ethics and education, I didn't have the skills to navigate my path through life with the mental ease and overall wellness needed to truly enjoy life.

I came to find yoga in 2011. After feeling the benefits of a regular and even irregular practice I felt called to become an educator and provider of these holistic tools. I received my 200-hr yoga teacher training from Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda in 2014. In 2020 I became certified through Michael Sitzer in Thai Yoga Bodywork and am currently pursuing a certification as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor through Yoga Veda Institute, all of which influence my classes and client interactions.

My life still has its challenges, its peaks and troughs, and the regular day to day living. I still deal with managing my mental, physical, and social health on a daily basis. The difference now is that I have the skills to maintain my health, to move back to health when I am unwell, and create the overall wellness I need to enjoy this precious life.