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Step into your body. 



Rise above your self doubt and negative self talk.



Do You the way you want to - pain free and full of the vigor you used to have.



Freedom. Nothing holds you back.



Unapologetically choose you.




Be a part of the Activated Body community and feel the energy flow through you. 

You will feel the personalized attention from our highly trained instructors whether you are taking a private or a group fitness class. It is our mission to bring you more joy in your life through improving your movement quality so you can increase your movement quantity. We meet you where you are at. Together we grow and activate our true movement potential.



​Angelina Corwin - Owner

  • Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor (NCPT)

  • Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR)

  • Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES)


Angie Corwin has been a mover her whole life - often called the “perpetual arm and leg machine” by her family. In 2008, Angie took up long distance running and within two years was forced to quit due to an injury in her sacroiliac joint. This led her to find Pilates and discover that imbalances in her body likely caused the injury. Through the balanced muscle development and body awareness that Pilates provides, Angie began to excel in rock climbing, achieve better posture and move with more ease than ever before. 


Now Angie is on the journey to help others find more joy in their lives through functional, efficient, and pain free movement. “I never want to stop rock climbing and tromping through nature because it gives me more than exercise - it is my meditation, my church, my soul food. I want to help others continue to move well so nothing holds them back.”


Joy Marr

Pilates Instructor 

  • 450 Hour Pilates Teacher Training

Serial entrepreneur and business owner, runner, adventure racer, park ranger, river guide, and ski patroller - you could say Joy has spent the majority of her life in the outdoors moving.  

Joy was an early adopter of practicing Yoga-as resident brought that art form back from time spent in Indonesia, teaching the rag tag bunch of locals looking for something new to “get into” for the winter and continues practicing a variety of yoga modalities, still today.  Joy got a taste of Pilates many years ago, as introduced through a newly arrived resident spreading the word about the benefits of Pilates; mobility, stability and improved balance.  Explaining the idea of using our bodies as a tool to get strong and build balance was a simple and accessible for all kinds of bodies.

Joy met Angie through mutual friends, and after hearing what she offered in her studio came to be a client of both Anatomy in Motion and Pilates. A snowboarding accident left Joy with a need to retrain her gait mechanics and improve balance. Not long after those early sessions, Joy enrolled in the 450 hour Pilates Teacher Training offered by Angie at Activated Body.  When asked about her participation in Pilates, Joy states, “The journey has been rich, challenging, and the concentration on how we move vs. just building muscle, truly enlightening.  Anatomy in Motion is something every body type, regardless of skill level can benefit from”.  Joy is teaching weekly classes and is happy to help new and experienced movers learn, benefit and enjoy movement through the practice of Pilates.

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Stella Mascari

Pole Dancing Instructor

Stella started rock climbing when she was 18 and it changed her life. As a former couch potato from suburban Ohio, climbing taught her many lessons about taking care of and using her body especially in the outdoors. After college she went on to live in a van down by a river. Well, maybe it was actually above a cliff, but she still lives that way today. In 2010, her landlord (re: the campground owner) installed a pole in the hangout shack to “support the roof” that was also conveniently designed for humans to spin around on. As with climbing, she was hooked immediately. She started learning hard climber-esque moves and only later filled in the “easier” dancy moves. Since then she’s been climbing full-time and poling part-time (she started teaching regularly in 2021) and has recently added silks, lyra, highlining, and acro to her interests. Everyone considers joining the circus at some point in life, right? Instead of going off to find a circus though, she’d rather make her own right here.​

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Monica Hambrick

Pole Dancing Instructor

Monica’s pole journey began in 2015, when she and Stella lived together for a month and had a pole set up in their living room. Since then, she only had access to a pole a couple times a year, until 2021 when Stella began hosting “Pole Night” at the New River Gorge American Alpine Club Campground. After a few weeks of pole night, the pain of pole dancing started going away. When it no longer hurt so much, she was hooked. After two years of weekly training, Monica decided to continue her pole journey by training to teach it. What she loves most about pole is the way it combines power and flow into one beautiful art form.​

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