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Open Pole (Experience Necessary) $10

Pole 1, 2, and 3 (Some Experience Necessary) $20

      or purchase an Equipment Class Package

Private and Semi-Private (2-3 people) $60/hour

Parties $200 for a 1.5 hour Party >> More Details

Summer Pole Membership

$120 per month for unlimited pole classes. The more classes you take, the better the deal. The membership begins the day you purchase it. Offer ends August 31 (last membership sold Aug 1).

>> Click to Purchase

What is Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is a form of dance that mixes traditional dance like ballet with strength and contortion elements, leading to a gymnastics-like exercise. The apparatus is a vertical metal bar with a 45mm diameter affixed to the floor and ceiling. The poles can be stationary (static) or free spinning on ball bearings (spinning).


Pole dancing can be circusy and done by all ages and genders, but it is best known for its erotic roots and dance style. We don’t currently offer any erotic pole classes (and therefore have a minimum age requirement of 12), but students are welcome to use pole heels in class and add a sexy flair to their own dancing.


Do I Need Previous Experience?

You do NOT need any experience to come to our intro level and beginner level classes. You do NOT need to be “in shape” nor good at dancing. Pole dancing is designed to be a fun workout whether you stay on rhythm or just keep moving for the whole class. You will always learn faster than someone and slower than someone else. All that matters is that you’re having fun.

Pole Class Descriptions

For the most up to date schedule, click on the link above. 

Intro to Pole

This class is held every other week. It is the best place to start for those who have never pole danced before and is interested in exploring something new. Each class will start with a 10 minute warmup, some pole specific strengthening exercises, specific Pole skills, and some time to practice before the instructors lead you through a cool down.

Open Pole

Don’t have aerial equipment at home? Don’t worry! You can practice at the studio during Open Pole. You won’t learn any new moves from an instructor, but you will have an uninterrupted hour to spend some quality time with a pole. Pilates equipment not included.

Private and Semi-Private (2-3 People) Sessions

Private  and Semi Private sessions are one-on-one with an instructor. You can use this time to improve on specific skills, have more attention from the instructor, and/or to gain confidence in your skill set so you can advance to a more advanced level. You can do a lot in an hour when you don't have to share a pole!

Pole 1

Beginner Pole adds to what you learned in Intro to Pole. Fundamental moves are practiced each class on a rotating schedule, ranging from dance moves, transitions, spins, poses, and even some beginner-friendly inverting moves.


To move from Pole 1 to Pole 2, you must be able to climb the pole on both sides. There’s more to learn, so you can continue to take this class even after you’ve technically passed it.


Pole 2

Pole 2 builds on Pole 1, taking the rotating schedule of fundamental moves to the next level and teaching harder moves including basic inverts. 


To move from Pole 2 to Pole 3, you must be able to invert in both sides. There’s more to learn, so you can continue to take this class even after you’ve technically passed it.


Pole 3

Pole 3 and above add to what you learned in the previous levels. Fundamental moves are practiced each class on a rotating schedule and you learn 3+ new moves each class, ranging from dance moves, transitions, spins, poses, and inverts.


To move from Pole 3 to Advanced Pole, you must have at least 15 moves solid on both sides and have a 5 move routine done to music.


Celebrate anything for any reason any time! Parties are great, aren’t they? Come take a pole class with all of your closest friends. You will learn a fun and sexy (or not sexy) pole routine with your friends. >> Click Here for More Information

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