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Virtual $165* / $70

* Covers Assessment, First Session, AiM Wedges, and Shipping.

In-Person $150* / $70

*Initial payment covers Assessment and First Session.

FREE 15 minute Consultations
* New Clients Only
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Nagging pain, joint discomfort, and the injury recovery process are the obvious reasons one seeks out help - but what about the more subtle aspects of movement that we learn to live with? 

  • Aging knees 

  • My balance isn’t what it used to be 

  • I’ve been at a plateau in my physical goals for years 

  • The ache in your back that you have learned to live with

  • Surgery that you had 10 or more years ago left you with stiffness

  • I have to sit at a desk for my job

  • I have Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis*


I can help you restore your movement back to what it used to be before your age, surgery, injury, and I can help you achieve your movement goals. 


*In some cases movement may not be fully restored but movement is essential for quality of life and helping the body stay supple. 




I use a powerful assessment and correction tool based on gait analysis and foot function. Joints in the body do not function in isolation, but rather in a complex choreography, which depends on balance, symmetry, and timing. When those elements are lost, it can lead to pain anywhere in the body.


A comprehensive global approach to pain resolution means not only assessing that painful shoulder, but ensuring that the shoulder is functioning appropriately within the context of larger movement patterns so that you do not begin feeding dysfunction back into it the moment you walk out the door. This technique is called Anatomy in Motion. It is a biomechanics philosophy developed by Gary Ward, that allows the body to heal itself through movement. 


I also employ other techniques that I have in my wheelhouse: Pilates, Functional Movement Systems, McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release, and general wellness recommendations. 

“By the way, I’ve had two of my best runs ever this week since taking the time to activate my muscles with that routine. What a game changer!”
  • Weekly private sessions since December 2019



  • "I am seeing improvements from the foot dealio. By concentrating on how my right foot lands and rolls, I am using different muscles in my legs, hip and back. I am actually sore (and have had cramps) in my legs and hip/lower back which is good - I am strengthening areas I haven't been using for years. I took a walk/jog yesterday and concentrated on foot/toes placement. Keep it up!"   - Chris​


  • "... I am so happy that you consider the whole being and not focus on one element, be it exercise or whatever. A real breakthrough for me is how you are teaching me to focus on breathing, correct body movements, and cognitive elements. ..."    - Jeff

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