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"My daughter and I love the duet Pilates Reformer class. Angie was so great! Very informative and really took time to explain the importance of each exercise. We loved it."

- Christa

"I want you to know that I experienced feeling better physically after leaving yesterday. I am still trying to fully process that but I think it validates much of what you have been explaining to me. I am so happy that you consider the whole being and not focus on one element, be it exercise or whatever. A real breakthrough for me is how you are teaching me to focus on breathing, correct body movement and cognitive elements in addition to the exercise elements. I am going to try to spend more time just being quiet and reflecting on all the things that can influence how I feel. You have helped me so much."

- Jeff

"News: my feet are currently not stiff or sore. My right foot usually has a really hard swollen-looking knot on it. It's significantly reduced and not near as sore."

- Kellie

"Really good session today, thanks again. I am always surprised by the single leg stuff we do, I can always do it, but I am pretty sure that I don't walk the straightest of lines back down the street to the office. See you Monday!"

- Dave

"It occurred to me recently that my feet are even changing with so much Pilates...I can get onto toes for stuff now, and my Achilles doesn't hurt with the opening leg warmups, I don't walk around in PAIN most of the time. It's amazing."

- Heather

"I have been loving your classes and their benefits. I think I mentioned that it has really benefited my Yoga. Today I went right up into a pose on both sides I have struggled with. Bird of Paradise. It takes core strength to stand on one leg from a crouch with the other leg bound between your arms."

- Sonia

"By the way, I've had two of my best runs ever this week since taking the time to activate my muscles with that routine. What a game changer!"

- Rory

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