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Ripple Mentorship Program

The Ripple Mentorship Program is an opportunity for one young woman entering the professional world to embark on a career in movement through the Pilates Teacher Training at the Activated Body Studio. This program will offer vocational skills in teaching fitness, understanding what it means to be well, and how to share this knowledge with clients. The Ripple Mentorship Program will offer resources for her to obtain a job in wellness that includes the application, interview, and contract negotiation process. Once this young woman has completed the Ripple Mentorship Program, she will be able to obtain a job teaching Pilates.


Becoming a Pilates teacher is to become an agent for change. Joseph Pilates had a holistic approach to health and those who embark on a career in wellness believe that being well is to thrive in all aspects of one’s life. The time for accepting mediocre health, managing symptoms, and putting up with pain is behind us. The Ripple Mentorship Program is part of the solution to change the wellbeing of West Virginians from the ground up, one person at a time – it begins with the woman who is selected to receive the award and will continue as she offers her expertise to her community. The ripple effect will spread and the people of West Virginia will thrive, but the one who will benefit the most will be the woman who is awarded the Ripple. She will be lifted up and supported in a way that ensures personal growth, career opportunity, and empowerment. 

The beneficiary of the Ripple Mentorship Program will be one who is from the community. She is a native West Virginian in Fayette County who has passion, drive, and motivation but may not have the resources or support to embark on a clear career path. This young woman is between the age of 17 and 25. Leaders in her community know she has what it takes to move beyond her circumstances and will offer her the encouragement she needs to say yes to be the next Ripple awardee. 


The chosen Ripple will receive the initial Mat Pilates Teacher Training and all books required to complete the program. Once the program is complete an additional interview will be conducted to determine if the Ripple receiver is interested in continuing with the Pilates Teacher Training and mentoring program. The Ripple receiver has the opportunity to complete the full 450-hour teacher training that will allow her to take the national exam that would give her the title of National Certified Pilates Teacher. This certification is accepted nationally and opens the opportunity for employment across the county.

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