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Postnatal Recovery is for Every Mother

Your body just went through a huge transformation as it grew a new human inside of you. Your bones changed shape to make room for your baby, your organs shifted to share the space, your breathing patterns changed, some muscles became overworked and others underworked, your body is trying to find a new normal again. This is the perfect time to intervene with strategic exercises designed to realign your structure, strengthen your weak muscles, and return your body to a high functioning state. 


You might be thinking:

  • I’m not in pain so I don’t need a special exercise program.

  • I don’t have time right now.

  • I’ll start exercising once I go back to work. 

  • I’ll work on my body once I’m done having babies.

  • My child is 3 years old. I’ve missed the postpartum window. 


It’s never too late and its always the right time to strategically care for your amazing body. You created life and that is no small feat. Its time to restore, repair, and care for your baby making machine.

Once a month Postnatal recovery class

Appropriate for any mother who feels like they need to address some body changes that occurred during and after pregnancy. This class is part workshop and part movement class. You will learn anatomy, breathing techniques, exercises you can do at home, and the proper way to activate your muscles post pregnancy. 

  • 1.5 hour class - $27

  • Safe for women once they are cleared for exercise post delivery. 

  • Create community with other moms. 


Private Sessions

Are you experiencing postnatal complications like diastis recti, prolapse, pain in your groin/back/pubic bone/hips/etc, excessive leaking, pelvic floor issues, or something else that may have occurred during pregnancy or delivery? A private session with Angie Corwin is what you need. She will do a whole body assessment to help you find the best path to recovery. 

  • You do not need to be cleared for exercise to start working on your issue. 

  • Assessment - $150

  • 55 minute follow-up session - $70

  • During the sessions you will receive tailored corrective exercises and will be given homework for you to do between sessions. Recovery needs to happen every day and the tools you will be given can be used long term to create a foundation to build from. 


Pilates Classes

Once your foundational level of strength has reached a place where you are able to move better with less discomfort, then you can attend Pilates classes at the studio. Each mother’s journey is different and your body will tell you when it's time to advance. Angie Corwin can help you determine what is best for you if you would like some advice.

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