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AiM 2 Run Blog

My new blog documents my journey to pain-free running. I'll be using Anatomy in Motion to assess and treat my own body alignment issues and sharing my progress along the way.

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Second Street Podcast

Alignment with Angie

Thank you to the Second Street Podcast and host Zach Nunnally for this engaging conversation about movement, living pain free, and making the decision to live a fulfilling life.



Angie Corwin has been a mover her whole life, often called the “perpetual arm and leg machine” by her family. In 2008, Angie took up long distance running and within two years was forced to quit due to an injury in her sacroiliac joint. This led her to find Pilates and discover that imbalances in her body likely caused the injury. Through the balanced muscle development and body awareness that Pilates provides, Angie began to excel in rock climbing, achieve better posture and move with more ease than ever before.


Now Angie is on the journey to help others find more joy in their lives through functional, efficient, and pain free movement. Angie is a certified Pilates instructor, certified in Functional Movement Screen and trained in Anatomy in Motion. Through a gait-based movement assessment, Angie will follow the trail of clues the body provides, to find out why clients are in pain and then guide them through gait-based correctives to help the brain relearn optimal joint mechanics and relationships. 

Recently relocated to West Virginia, Angie is excited to explore all of the newness of the southeast. As an avid rock climber, hiker, and backpacker, the Appalachian region has a lot to offer her. 



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